30 October, 2007

The Pumpkin Karver

... is a horrible, horrible movie you should not rent this Halloween. You should, however, be sure to carve some pumpkins, and hang some faux-spiderwebs. We did both this weekend, and had a few friends over to partake. You can find the recipes for all the snacks I served on my recipe blog, and here are some pictures of our decorations.

It was really hard to get a good shot of the buffet; we had replaced all the light bulbs in the room with red ones, so I had to use a flash. We served an assortment of hor d'oeuvres: cheese buttons, caprese skewers, cheese crisps, caramelized onion tarts, olives, almonds, gingersnaps, and of course candy. I also took Blueprint's suggestion and served prosecco with a choice of mixers (homemade ginger syrup, blood orange bitters, apricot nectar, and sour cherry juice).

In case you couldn't tell, the "Ghostrider" pumpkin with the stars is mine, and the Chargers helmet "Howdy" is Eric's.

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jennwhisper said...

the spread looks awesome! sad i missed it!