11 October, 2007


Eric and I have been staring at linoleum swatches for days, and it's very hard to visualize an entire floor based on a tiny square, so I put together these mock-ups, based on our favorite swatches. Bear in mind that the counter will be tiled in white with red detail, and the backsplash will come up almost to the height of the window. Also, there will be a counter running along the left-hand wall, so there will be less floor showing than in these pictures.

This is assuming that we can get the linoleum tiles in small enough squares. Here's what it would look like with bigger squares:


jennwhisper said...

my vote: small blue squares!!! can't wait til its done!

Leah said...

I like the blue in the bigger size (less busy). That'll look sharp with the red and white counters!

Also, have you considered laying the checkerboard floor tiles on the diagonal (so they look like diamonds instead of squares)?

Can't wait to see the finished product!


pupperwupper said...

I like the large blue! aqua blue and red look great together

ksf said...

the littler blue squares. no contest!

deerseason87 said...

Thanks, guys! We are definitely going for the blue, and at the moment we are leaning towards the larger squares because, as Leah says, they are less busy. Even with all the new storage, the kitchen will be small and inevitably cluttered (that's just me), so we're thinking that the larger tiles will help open up the space a little. I'll keep you posted, though!