24 October, 2007

Imaginary Kitchens

I wouldn't trade my red and turquoise kitchen for the world, but I always thought that if I had a second kitchen (like maybe in my vacation beach house), I would go with an orange theme. You all know how much I love orange juice glasses, and there are always so many wonderful orange items when I'm thrifting. On second thought, maybe the orange kitchen would be in the cabin/chalet, and I'd do a green kitchen in the beach house.

These lovely mugs are for sale at Sea Glass Vintage on Etsy. If you have an orange kitchen, please consider buying them, for my sake.

... and this Pyrex dish from Plaid Pony Vintage.

Any maybe also this teapot from Hi and Lo Modern, while you're at it...

Or perhaps these gorgeous Cathrineholm bowls from Ebay.

Oh, heck, you may as well throw in these, too (also from Ebay).

... just for starters...

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