10 October, 2007

Pass the Sconce, Please

Please bear in mind that I did not "style" this photo, and that we will be painting the walls a less glossy brown when the remodel is done!

I am looking for new lighting for our bathroom. There is not much natural light in the room (the window is mostly blocked by a large bottle brush tree, which I hate, but which provides privacy), and we have just one fixture over the medicine cabinet that is pretty unattractive. What I would really like is one or two deco porcelain fixtures, either above or on the sides of the cabinet, respectively. I like the idea of two because they would be placed lower on the wall (the current fixture is practically on the ceiling, so if you lean over the sink, you block out all the light). I think I want to go with a white finish, since the new tile wainscotting will be white. Here are some options I've come across:

These two are from Ebay, but I'm not sure if they're "really" antique or not.

These are from Rejuvination (they all come in white as well).

These are from School House Electric Co..

Does anyone else know of other sources I should look at?

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