09 October, 2007

Kitchen Remodel: Day Four

So the remodel is on hold for the moment while the cabinet maker finishes our cabinets. It is possible that we will get them installed this week, but it's more likely to be next week, along with the tile in both the kitchen and the bath. In the meantime, I am trying to choose kitchen flooring! We have decided to go with linoleum, both because of its historical value and because it is a completely green product. The actual floor area is going to be fairly small because of the extra counter space, so I think that a checkerboard pattern would be too much, but I am still considering the idea of a contrasting border around the edges. In general, we definitely want to go with a neutral color that will mask dirt (although anything will be an improvement on the snow white vinyl we currently have). Unfortunately, the Armstrong flooring website doesn't show the same selection as our sample book, but this is one of the colors we are considering: Silver Moon.

Do you think gray is too cold, or too dark for the space? My inclination is to lean towards a warmer (ie, beige) tone, but that seems so boring. Then there is a possibility of going with a nice brown... Help!