28 April, 2007

this old house

I found this little house near my parents' place, and I love it! Check out the nautical chain-link mailbox post, and the starburst on the lamp. I wonder if the interior is filled with avocado, burnt orange, and goldenrod? Pendant lamps hung in corners of rooms over sectional sofas? Stereos built into teak cabinets? Shag carpeting?


MylesNye said...

Hannah, you pick exactly the right words to connote the inside of this house! I am not a very visual guy, but you really spoke to my eyes with your word choice. It reminds me of the house my family used to stay at in the summers at Donner Lake. There were board games that were out of date and yellow glasses in the cabinets.

Also, I feel like this is a safe place to nerd out: "Nautical" is a great word that I am reminded of every time I drive from LA to SF for a very particular reason. Can any of your viewers (or you) guess why? -M.

deerseason87 said...

I know why! Because you pass by Utica, which is like Nautical without the NAL.