26 April, 2007

Little Shop

Today we made margaritas and guacamole at work, and because I love my job so much, here are some pictures from our shop. I share the space with Olivia (Via) of Olive Route Design and Letterpress, and we've been there for just over two years now. When I first set up shop, I had a little storefront in downtown Oakland where I printed and also sold work by different artists. It was a bit lonely, and I found that I didn't like retail work very much, so when Via came along it was very fortuitous. She had been apprenticing for David Goines, whom I knew because one of my own mentors, Richard Seibert had also apprenticed with him. The press at Mr. Goines' shop had broken, and Via needed to print a job, so she asked if she could use mine. Then, shortly afterwards I broke my arm in a car accident and couldn't print, so Via was nice enough to help me out sometimes. When she mentioned that she wanted to buy some equipment but was nervous about renting a space on her own, I was thrilled and we managed to find a space just down the street from Mr. Goines' shop. Eventually Richard moved in with David, and now we have a nice little Printer's Row.

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MylesNye said...

Some day I will write the sitcom about printer's row called "Out of Sorts" and it will be the new "Cheers" or perhaps the new "Night Court." Do you want your character to be named Betty?