28 April, 2007

finding a focus?

I think this blog is going to be mostly about color, and also occasionally about food, friends, and design. I like color, and I live my life by it, really. I keep all my red, purple, black and white books in the living room, my blue and yellow ones in the guest room, my green and brown ones in my bedroom, and my orange ones in the back room.

Even as a kid, I organized my books by color because it was easier for me to find things that way. My closet is organized by color, my shoes are organized by color, my movies, my home... and my work is so very dependent on color. If you look at the paintings I did in high school, they are about color. I used to give myself assignments like picking out three colored pencils (one dark, one light, one in between) and drawing something with only those colors. It is only this year (since my short-lived Goth period in 7th grade) that I have even begun to own black clothing, aside from the prerequisite shoes, little dress, etc..

Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how this love (obsession?) with color will translate into blogdom. Clearly, photographs are key. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

MylesNye said...

Does that mean my little digital camera is key to making this blog possible? Joy of joys!