25 April, 2007

Hospital Chic

This has been an eventful week. On Monday Seymour cut himself somehow and I had to take him to the Pet Emergency clinic to have stitches, while also dog-sitting Chip, my parents’ dog. It was quite an adventure. In the meantime, my friend Myles came into town from LA and so I put him up for the night, although I’m afraid I wasn’t a very good hostess.

On Tuesday, my mother had spinal surgery to eliminate her sciatica. I visited last night. Here’s a picture I took in the bathroom of her hospital room. It’s a little blurry, but can you see how amazing the wallpaper/ faux woodgrain are? Anyways, the procedure went well, and she came home this morning. My dad is taking a trip to New Mexico next week, so I’ll be playing nurse.

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MylesNye said...

Hannah, don't be hard on yourself! You were an excellent hostess. I'm just sorry I couldn't help more with Seymour's injury, but you seemed to have things well under control: if you were freaking out, you didn't show it. Cool as a cuke but never green. -M.