28 April, 2007

fame and (J.D.) fortune

Alright, I promised to do the research, and I have! Here's what happened to the winners of the TLC and INXS shows.

According to Wikipedia,
'Tiffany Nicole Baker (born 1985) is a choreographer, singer, and rapper from Atlanta who was chosen as the winner to be featured on TLC's new single "I Bet" (October 4, 2005) on the reality tv program R U The Girl. She currently is going to college and will release a solo album soon after... She is also trying to start up a reality show; a teaser was shown on youtube.com...
O'So Krispie has recently appeared on a remix of Chris Brown's single, Poppin' rapping 2 verses.'

You can also check out her website here.

As for the INXS show, "Rock Star", the winner was J.D. Fortune, whose long biography can be read here, and who 'is currently working on a solo album, Death of a Motivational Speaker, which is expected to hit shelves in the fall of 2007. He told the Australian Associated Press "It's the best stuff I have ever written."'

So, things look promising for Asia, winner of "The Search for the Next Doll"... she may even have a solo album oneday!

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