29 December, 2009

Dress Up

Growing up, I always identified more with the quirky sidekicks in movies than the romantic leads (think Frenchie in Grease, as opposed to Sandy, and Iona in Pretty in Pink, as opposed to Andie), and the minute I saw Reality Bites for the first time in 7th grade, I fell in love with the sharp-witted and amazingly stylish Vickie Miner (played by Jeanine Garafalo). It wasn't until recently though, that I realized how much my personal style has been influenced by her over the years.

I would say that these days I fall somewhere between Vickie (above, left) and Emma Pillsbury (above right, played by Jayma Mays on the tv show "Glee"). Both, like me, love vintage clothing and accessories, and are not afraid of color. Since I've recently lost some weight, it's been really fun to revisit old favorites in my closet and to supplement my wardrobe with new additions. In this spirit, I have decided to start blogging my outfits- not every day, but on the days when I've thrown together an ensemble that makes me particularly happy. Today's outfit is an easy one since everything in it is new, and I could pull the images from online. Click to enlarge; sources are below.

I really love this dress- it's from Leifsdottir, Anthropologie's house brand. The tights are from We Love Colors, in magenta. The turquoise necklace is by Anthology for Nordstrom, and the sweater is also from Anthropologie. The shoes are by Camper- I bought them in London but I know they have them in US stores too. My glasses are vintage and I bought them from Allyn Scura at a vintage show a few years back.

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Christine said...

that sweater's incredible!