03 October, 2009

Autumn Adventures

My boyfriend and I split up at the beginning of August. I really miss him, but I think I've been doing a pretty good job of continuing to have fun and be social on my own. It helps to have amazing friends! Here are some of the awesome things I have done as a single gal in the last two months (aside from the usual cooking, dining out, reading, going to movies, etc.):

Went on a cruise on Memorial Day weekend to watch a large chunk of the Bay Bridge being removed as part of the construction of the new bridge.

Saw Magnolia Electric Co. at the Bottom of the Hill.

Had lunch at the table next to Kat von D and Tom Green.

Went to Seattle to visit Shawn and Chris.

Visited five fairs: the Alameda County Fair, the Sonoma County Fair, the CA State Fair, the LA County Fair, and the WA State Fair, and therein discovered some amazing concoctions including the Zucchini Weeni, the Donut Chicken Sandwich, the Twister Dog, Korn Fritters, and Apple Fries.

Went to two demolition derbies.

Saw American Idiot, the Greenday musical, at Berkeley Rep.

Entered and won my first pie contest!

Had my fortune told by automatons at the Musee Mechanique.

Visited two different creameries (Rogue and Cowgirl).

Spent a week showing off the Bay Area to Erik.

Went to LA to visit Myles and Laurel.

Went to a lumberjack competition.

Discovered amazing pie at the Seattle Pie Company (seriously- the best I've found outside of Rolla, MO).

Went to two vintage paper fairs (in SF and Glendale).

Made 7 kinds of plum sorbet.

Went on the Heath factory tour.

Had a consultation for my next tattoo!

Watched Ratatouille in the park in San Anselmo with friends and a picnic.

Went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with Jane and my family.

Visited an alpaca farm!

Lost 8 pounds.

Went strawberry picking.

Attended Zine Fest.

Walked on the beach.

Saw Cass McCombs and the Papercuts at the Great American Music Hall.

Started working with Christine to completely redesign my garden.

Watched the fireworks at an A's game.

Attended the Thursday night "Nightlife" event at the Academy of Sciences.

Made a pilgrimage to one of my favorite places in the world: Donut Man in Glendora.

Went to the Oakland Eat Real Festival (not that awesome, actually).

Saw my friends Marina and Lisa's show at Rare Device (still up until November!).

Started working on my Halloween costume with Jenn.

This week I'm going on a walking tour of storybook style homes through the Oakland Heritage Alliance, and on Wednesday I'm going to special screening of An Education with Nick Hornby! More adventures to come!


Hello. Welcome to Ink-Dwell said...

feel lucky to be one of your friends and share in your many adventures! you make being a single gal look pretty glamorous if you ask me.

Kooky Komments said...

Goddamn you are unstoppable!

Christine said...

Donut chicken sandwich?! I'm intrigued and salivating...

shellie said...

keeping busy helps but damn you went all out...what an amazing amount of incredibly fun stuff you have done...Ive never heard of the donut man...I live reasonable close to glendora Ill have to check it out!

stephanie said...

wow i would love to try half of things you've done so far. way to get out there and try new things!

Layla said...

you are a role model

Unknown said...

I hope they make you go by my mom's storybook house!

MylesNye said...

Two words: WORLD. BEATER. Seriously, Hannah, you make me look positively slothful by comparison!