26 December, 2009

All the Trimmings

I have a weakness for vintage millinery flowers and trims. Whenever I see them being sold I pick up a bunch and then wander around with them before reluctantly putting them back where they came from and reminding myself "they will just end up sitting in a box somewhere." Sigh. Here are some I would buy if I thought I would actually use them for something...


3 boy grandma

jackie spicer

esse vintage

mary, not martha

chocolate letters

paper tales

hope and joy home


tinsel trading co.

dolls and lace


vintage millinery shoppe


Christine said...

Seeing these always makes me want to take up millinery. I should lend you my book on making ribbon flowers. Even if you don't intend on making any, it's wonderful eye candy.

Anonymous said...

found your blog by chance. i like it. i'll check in again.

~ cestlaviv.blogspot.com