10 November, 2009

Pixie Dust

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing two great bands reunite for three great concerts. On Friday and Saturday nights, I saw DEVO perform Are We Not Men? and Freedom of Choice, and last night I saw the Pixies performing Doolittle. While the DEVO shows were incredibly high energy and awesome (those guys are still having a great time, you can tell), the Pixies show definitely had the most interesting and expensive visuals (though sadly no jumpsuits or synchronized dance moves!). A huge light screen made up of tiny lights behind the band displayed a series of videos by different artists for each song. You can check out some of them here. Below is a still from their Paris show showing what was my favorite graphic of the evening, hundreds of arrows chasing Keith Haring-like hearts across the screen during "I La La La Love You.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Both the Devo and Pixies shows were awesome!