06 January, 2009


Somehow I am always on the hunt for the perfect lamp, whether it's sconces for my living room, a chandelier for my dining room (also here), or a table lamp for the entryway... And all I ever come up with is lamps for bedrooms. In fact I have so many nightstand-type lamps that I have to store most of them in the garage. For the dining room, I've always fantasized about this option from Anthropologie, but I don't think it would work with the style of my home.

But finally, I think I may have found the right chandelier! It's not exactly the MCM teardrops I'd had in mind, but given my very low ceilings, I think it might actually be a better fit. I love my Danish furniture, but the 1940's architecture of my house and my collection of dishes are not especially modern. I feel like this lamp it somewhere in between: shiny and minimal, but also very vintage. It's on sale at Pottery Barn Teen- what do you think?

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