17 December, 2008

Farewell, Lamp

This lamp always been one of my favorites. I loved the turquoise color, the teak details, and the tall, slender shape. Then a couple years ago, I made the mistake of bringing it with me to New York for a trade show, and it cracked in my luggage. I managed to get it home without any further damage, and the crack was so fine that I was able to hide it when I put the lamp back in my living room. But last week, after having moved things around a bit to rewire my speakers, I bumped into the lamp and it fell and broke cleanly in half. So now I am on the lookout for a replacement, I suppose... I haven't found anything I like in the usual places, so I guess I'll have to wait until January's Alameda Point and hope that something there will catch my eye. In the meantime, farewell, lamp.


marlene said...

r.i.p. i loved that lamp, too!

Leah said...

Oh, man -- I would totally cry if I lost that lamp.

You're in my thoughts.