09 January, 2009

Dog Park

Seymour and I have the privilege of living very close to Point Isabel Regional Shoreline. It is made up of two big meadows on either side of a canal which runs out to the Bay. There are always tons of dogs running around (it's one of the few off-leash parks in the area) and swimming. Seymour gets incredibly excited the minute he realizes we're heading in that direction, and the look on his face when I let him out of the car is priceless. When I think about all the things that make me happy (Resolution No. 5), Seymour is on my list every day, and seeing him gleefully prancing about at Pt. Isabel cheers me up no matter how bad my day might be. Here are some pictures I took this evening, during low tide. You can almost make out the Golden Gate Bridge, silhouetted against the setting sun.


muddy paws...

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