02 December, 2009


When I was in London in October, I spent some time oohing and ahhing at the contents of a Waitrose grocery store. Not only were the products enviable (gooseberry yogurt, goat and buffalo butter, heather honey, goose and duck fat, lardons, tinned damson plums and rhubarb, double cream, etc.) but the packaging was lovely, too. When I lived in London in college, I never went into a Waitrose because Sainsbury's was just around the corner from my flat (and they carried a whole line of Jamie Oliver prepared foods!), but having now looked around a little I see that Waitrose has a history of beautiful product design, primarily by three design firms: Pearlfisher (above, and whose designs for Jamie Oliver's current linehave been raved about on every blog I know), Lewis Moberly, and Turner Duckworth. Here are some examples of their work:


turner duckworth


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Christine said...

So pretty! I would shop at Sainsbury's, too but only because of my college kid budget. Loaves of bread for 10p! And they stocked Cadbury eggs at the checkout year round.