19 July, 2009

How I Survived the Craft Show

I have a confession: craft shows are incredibly boring. Yes, it is wonderful to meet our customers in person, and make new connections with other vendors (and be inspired by their work), but the truth is that spending 8-9 hours sitting behind a folding table can be dull. Luckily, my wonderful friend Marina and I always do these shows together (we share a booth), which essentially turns a business opportunity into a social one, but even we can run out of things to talk about by the second day of a weekend show. We always come prepared with snacks, and this time we brought mini Babybel cheeses, one of my lunchbox favorites as a child because of the red wax coating which made for all kinds of creative fun.

Reverting to our 10 year old selves on Saturday, we immediately made ourselves bright red fingernails from the wax, and then suddenly... we started making miniatures. On Sunday we also brought the "Bonbel" cheese, which has yellow wax, and tools. By the end of the day we had hot dogs, pizza, donuts (old fashioned, Boston cream, cruellers, and classic glazed), potato chips, layer cakes, eggs and bacon, popcorn, soft serve, spaghetti and meatballs... even a Twister Dog! I didn't have a camera with me, so these were taken with my phone, but luckily our friend Shauna took some really great (more detailed) pictures that you can see on her blog, here.

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Some Chilean Woman said...

My goodness! The details are incredible! What are you guys planning on doing with them?