18 July, 2009

Behold: The Twister Dog

Last night we went to the Alameda County Fair and among the many highlights of the evening (including a performance by Solange Knowles, cheese on a stick, having our handwriting analyzed by an ancient computer, model trains, prizewinning pickles, lionhead bunnies, etc.), was this wonderous creation, the Twister Dog, cousin to the Tornado Potato (same thing, minus the hot dog). Yes, this is a hot dog wrapped in a spiral-cut potato, all of which is deep fried and served on a stick (with toothpick supports). We had ours smothered in nacho cheese for the hell of it, and I must say it was quite tasty. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture, as it was already dark out, so this one is courtesy of Flickr member Tom Spaulding.

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