10 February, 2008

The Soft Bulletin

Today we took a little trip to Toy Safari, an excellent toy shop in Alameda. I was very excited to discover a line of plush food items manufactured by the German company, Haba. I purchased this sandwich set, which includes magnetic pieces of toast (so you don't lose the contents of your sandwich) and a selection of lunch meats, cheeses, and vegetables. I love the bright colors and am planning to re-seal the package and hang it in my office.

The toy store also carries the wiener schnitzel set and the hamburger set, and an internet search reveals all kinds of wonderfully designed plush and wooden foodstuffs, as pictured below.


eri said...

i love Haba!

i found out about them from a friend who has a baby and didn't want to buy her plastic toys.

and maybe i just love anything made of wood.

jennwhisper said...

the schnitzel and fries are amazing!

Unknown said...

An assortment of Haba Toys available at Landbridge Toys.