17 February, 2008


Every year the Friends of the Oakland Museum hold an enormous White Elephant Sale. Donations are accepted starting in the fall, and accumulated in a gigantic warehouse. The sale itself is only one weekend, the first in March, but as a donor you can go in for the entire month of February to shop. I usually try to go at least a couple of times before the sale, since that weekend is madness, and I always come away with some great finds.

This year so far, I've found this Takahashi tape dispenser

This amazing piece of art, made of zippers

Woodgrain Dymo tape (SO hard to find- I found my last roll almost 5 years ago and had to buy an entire lot of tape to get it)

Woodgrain file boxes

Some vintage giftwrap

This adorable pillow cover

And a couple of gifts which I can't share just yet...


Unknown said...

That zipper owl is really amazing. How did I manage to live in Oakland for so long and not go to the white elephant sale once?

Anonymous said...

i am so jealous of that tape dispenser! awesome.