25 May, 2012


I just got back from yet another whirlwind trip to the East Coast. Ostensibly, I was there for the Stationery Show, but in a week I also managed to visit with 15 different friends, eat some incredible meals, visit the Whitney Biennial, walk the Highline, see family, go to a baby shower... oh, and take a road trip through Pennsylvania (via the newly re-opened Barnes Foundation, a 250 year old B&B, a wolf sanctuary, and the Antiques Capitol of the USA) up to Niagara Falls. Whew!

For starters here are the falls, which were more incredible and majestic in person than I could have imagined. We arrived late at night (in homage to Annie Liebowitz), and although we couldn't see the falls, we could hear their roar and feel the mist from half a mile away. In the morning we opened the curtains in our hotel room and were treated with a truly awesome view- we lucked out with gorgeous weather (I swear, I didn't adjust anything in these photos!), and were positively giddy riding into the mist on a boat tour. We stayed on the Canadian side of the border, which was really lovely. I can't recommend it enough!

More tomorrow!

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