28 November, 2010

Weekend! (Thanksgiving Edition)

This weekend was pretty perfect as far as holidays go. My cousin Matt came into town on Thursday and we took a walk to the little beach at the Albany Bulb, which is just down the street from my house. We caught up and watched Seymour running around in the surf, and got home just in time to meet up with my friend Jessica, who was spending the holiday with us since she couldn't go home to her family. We watched a movie (Yes Man, because my favorite Thanksgiving movie, Home for the Holidays, wouldn't play in my VCR) and Jessica helped me get some cards ready for this week's holiday sales, and then headed over to my parents' house for dinner.

I had baked my (well, Martha's) cranberry merengue pie, and also made cranberry sauce and a creamed chard casserole. My mom made her famous corn pudding, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie, and my dad cooked the turkey (on the barbeque) and stuffing. Since it was just the five of us (plus puppies), we had tons of food and I think it was a really nice meal- very low key.

Friday morning, Matt and I watched Seinfeld reruns on tv and ate leftovers (have I mentioned that the Thanksgiving Sandwich- turkey, stuffing, mayo and cranbery on sourdough toast- accompanied by Mom's corn pudding, and followed by pumpkin pie is my Death Row meal?) before meeting up with my dad for a hike in the hills at Redwood Park. We left the park just as the sun was setting- it was so pretty over the East Ridge!

After our hike, Matt and I had a quick dinner at Burma Superstar and then went into the city to watch a free screening of Vertigo at the Great American Music Hall. It was great to see such a classic San Francisco film in a unique setting, and everyone there was in a great mood and super friendly. We almost didn't go because we were running late, but we got there just in time and I am so glad we did. We ended the night back in my neighborhood with drinks at the Hotsy Totsy Club before crashing.

Saturday morning we had brunch at Camino and then Matt headed back to LA. I went to meet my friend Jenn and her family for a matinee of Burlesque, which was totally ridiculous but very entertaining, and finished my weekend with a lazy work day today.

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Emilie Raguso said...

Lots of great things to look at on your site! I run a news website in Albany -- are you in town, or over the border?