20 November, 2010


This week got away from me before I could post about last weekend's adventures. Let's see... last Friday my friend Jessica and I went to another amazing dinner at 18 Reasons, cooked by Nicole LoBue with beautiful produce from one of my favorite local farms, Full Belly Farm. It was great to talk to the owners of the farm (we nerded out about growing different varieties of garbanzo beans) and to eat such a lovely meal.

On Saturday night my friend Megan got me on the list to see Dean Wareham at the Fillmore. If you don't know, Dean was the frontman for Galaxie 500, a pretty pivotal indie band in the late '80's/early '90's. I love his music and it was a pleasure to see him perform a set of all Galaxie songs with his amazing wife Britta. I am also a big fan of the Papercuts, who opened, so it was a fantastic show all around!

This week, I went over to my friend Jenn's house to watch The Manitou, a 1978 Tony Curtis film that is best summed up by this trailer:

I also had a very lovely dinner at Plum with my friend Marina, attended a screening of Wheedle's Groove, a documentary about the Seattle funk scene in the 1970's, had tiki drinks at the Forbidden Island and non-tiki drinks at Heaven's Dog, went to dinner at Foreign Cinema, and, most importantly...

...helped my dad pick up his new puppy, Comet!!!!! Pretty exciting!


you are super pretty said...

adorable pup!

Jessica Appelgren said...

I thought I saw you at that Dean Wareham show! wasn't it great? I could melt in his voice forever. Happy thanksgiving!