27 July, 2010


I'll be honest- the pie contest took up most of my weekend. I did get to go bowling in the Presidio for my friend Jessica's birthday, and had a lovely dinner with Erik and our friend Dan on Friday. Sunday night we had a consolatory dinner at Camino (way better than any prize, anyhow!) including this gorgeous purple basil, cucumber and gin cocktail. Yum! But mostly I wanted to write about yesterday.

My mom and I went to see the Maira Kalman exhibit (Various Illuminations [Of a Crazy World]) at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. I've posted about Kalman's illustrations before, and I just love them, especially her guache paintings of objects. The exhibit was beautifully installed and also included various items of import from Kalman's world. I highly recommend taking a look at it, if you can- it's up until late October. The pictures above are from the CJM website.

We also visited the Clare Rojas exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Craft (next door), and it was really, really awesome. I've always liked Rojas' work but seeing it on that scale and in such an intimate space was great. The exhibit is up until September. (Image from the MOCFA website.)

Last night my friend Jessica and I attended an amazing event that was part of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival at the Castro Theater. We saw a sceening of the newly recovered 1922 silent film "Hungry Hearts" accompanied by an original score by Ethan Miller (from Comets on Fire and Howlin' Rain). The score was performed by members of Drunk Horse, Colassal Yes, Howlin' Rain and Comets on Fire and seriously rocked. Definitely a unique and wonderful event.

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VisuaLingual said...

Wow, the Kalman exhibit looks amazing!