27 July, 2010

Pie or Die!

You might recall that I won a little pie contest last year at Omnivore Books with my Hannah Banana Creme Pie. This year I decided to enter it into another, more prestigious contest: SF Food Wars' "Pie or Die." Erik helped me bake 20 pies (enough to feed 240 people who had bought tickets to the event), and we managed to tie for third in votes (although we didn't win any prizes). We had a lot of fun and were really happy to see our table-mates take third place from the judges for their delicious peach-rosemary pie! Here are some pictures from our preparation. You can get my recipe here.


chocolate cookies about to become crumbs

erik was in charge of making the crusts. here he is folding in the egg whites and butter with the cookie crumbs


heating the milk for the custard. this is half of what we used.

four out of 40 bananas

custard, ready to pour into pies

all wrapped up for the refrigerator

whipping the cream

finished pies!

and here's us at the contest!

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jennwhisper said...

That is an adorable pic of you two cuties!!! Matching outfits! Go team!!