20 July, 2010

(Extended) Weekend!

This weekend I went to see two shows: Built to Spill and the New Pornographers (long live the '90s!). Built to Spill played at Slim's and it was a great show; the New Pornographers played the Fox, which is a beautiful venue but much too big. I felt like it wasn't much different from watching them perform on tv or something. Too bad.

I also had a delicious dinner at Doña Tomas, drinks at Camino and the Hotsy Totsy Club, and took a mozzarella pulling class! Erik and I made about 12 balls of cheese (and took home more like 8... ahem), and we can't stop eating them. I think we're going to have to start buying curds on a regular basis to feed our mozzarella obsession. Even the bad cheese we made is so much better than the stuff you buy in the store...

Last night I drove out to Turlock with four lady friends to visit the Stanislaus County Fair. I attended my first demo derby there years ago, and things haven't changed much. Here are my pictures!

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Christine said...

The potato chips on the hot dog ensemble is a nice touch!