08 September, 2009

This is Where I Live

Last week my friend Erik visited me for a few days, and since he was planning to spend another few days in San Francisco, I decided to show him the best of the rest of the Bay Area, particularly the East Bay, where I live. We never went long enough between eating to get hungry again, and we got terribly sunburnt, but we had a blast and it is always great to be reminded what a wonderful place I call home. Here are some pictures from our adventures (I may post more when Erik sends me his- he is much better about documenting everything).

blueberry-chamomile sorbet at Ici

pan-fried padron peppers from Monterey Market

re-creation of a salad we ate at Chez Panisse with little gems lettuce, figs, and mint in a creme fraiche dressing

poached eggs and proscuitto on Acme levain at Cafe Fanny

berry picking at Swanton Berry Farm

lobster rolls at Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay

an assortment of pluots from Monterey Market, with honey-almond ice cream from Ici

dry-farmed tomatoes from Sea Level Farm on Acme olive bread with Fleur Vert goat cheese

iced tea at Fish in Sausalito

tour of the Heath Ceramics factory

Muir Beach

"St. Pat" nettle-wrapped cheese from Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station

a cruise on the bay to watch the construction of the new Bay Bridge

strawberry shortcake from Bakesale Betty's

antique treasures at Alameda Point

churros con chocolate at C├ęsar


Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

All such lovely photos!! I loved looking at them! The blueberry sorbet looks so good right now!!!!

jennwhisper said...

I love where you (we) live!!!

stephanie said...

wow that looks like fun! after seeing all of your pictures, i'm hungry :)

mar.seaglass said...


Anonymous said...

you really have good taste! Sea Level farm has the best tasting tomatoes i've ever had!!