19 December, 2007

Virtual Gifts

I've been tagged by Leah at More Ways to Waste Time for a virtual gift exchange. I've chosen a few of my favorite bloggers to send gifts to, the idea being that they will do the same for some of their faves.

For Leah, because I can't receive without giving, here is a beautiful amethyst glass pitcher to go with her transferware collection (and possibly be used in the future Art Deco bathroom?).

For Rebekka from Maple Sugar and the Cake Parlour, a vintage milk glass cake stand for her lovely confections.

For Pam at House Martin, this charming hanging terrarium from Tend Living.

For Robyn at the Dancing Designer and Sugar Coated Designs, this cute vintage cupcake sign.

For Fred at Fred's World, here is an enamelware bowl that would fit right into his collection.

And last but not least, for Lisa at Lisa's Musings, this collection of antique doilies for inspiration.

Happy Holidays!


Leah said...

Why thank you -- I love it!



Anonymous said...

than you very much, you can never have too much enamel!