03 December, 2007

Seattle Uprising

I had a lovely weekend in Seattle with my friend Shawn at the Urban Craft Uprising. Thank you to everyone who came out! We had a really great time, and there were lots of nice people there. I also had the priveledge of visiting some of Seattle's finest establishments (in spite of sleet and snow!), including Top Pot Doughnuts, where we tried this assortment (Chocolate Sandcastle, Peppermint Snowstorm, Pumpkin Old Fashioned, Feather Boa, Raspberry Old Fashioned, and Double Trouble)- yum!!

We also spent a cozy evening playing Scrabble at the Bottleneck Lounge, where they have game night on Sundays. Shawn and his partner Chris were fantastic hosts and it was such a pleasure staying with them and their pup Sophie. Thanks, guys!


jennwhisper said...

omg! i think ajax's relatives own top pot. maybe i'm making it up. those donuts look SO GOOD.

Bubeau said...

my aunt and uncle are private stake-holders in t-pot, yup. i wish i could say they were great donuts, but I cannot. They sure are pretty though!

deerseason87 said...

I have to agree that most of the donuts were way too sweet, and the Old Fashioneds were not as cake-y as I like them, but the raspberry frosting was to die for!