22 December, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a great time with some of my closest friends and family. Thanks to everyone who made it such a special day!

I'm signing off until next week when we get back from visiting Eric's family. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


Leah said...

Happy birthday, Hannah!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday hannah! hope you have a wonderful holiday in redding!

Bubeau said...

Happy Birthday!

阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...

lovely blog!

happy birthday
happy christmas!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Gosh, it has been too long since i've gotten to the blog, and I realized that all of the beautiful pictures are the perfect cure for the Winter Blues here in NYC. Your stuff is just amazing, and the colors! :) hope all is well!