02 August, 2007


I've been planning to reupholster my dining room chairs ever since I bought them (over a year ago) but haven't got around to it. Then today I stumbled upon a lovely chair sitting on the side of the road. It's not a perfect match, but it will be great as an extra, since the table seats 10, and we only have 8 matching chairs. Anyways, this new chair is in pretty good shape, finish-wise, but it's got completely different upholstry than the others. So now seems like the perfect time to embark upon a makeover for all nine. The question is: what fabric should I use? First of all, these are the chairs:

And here are some examples of the palette I've used in the room:

And now, some fabric ideas... From Repro Depot:

"Sweet Gum" by Martha Negley.

"Tree Rings" by Martha Negley.

"Vegetable Leaves" by Martha Negly.

"Nigella Starflower Tiles" by Amy Butler.

"Nigella Primrose" by Amy Butler.

"Chestnut Hill Chestnuts" by Joel Dewberry.

And, from Hable Construction, the "Bead" pattern (shown here in Sky).

From Purl Soho: "Mamayakko Red Roses" by Kokka Fabrics.

"Mamayakko Aqua Mums" by Kokka Fabrics.

"Harmony Sage Circle" by Windham Fabrics.

And of course the "Aviary Chocolate Woodgrain" by Joel Dewberry.

Any other places I should be looking?

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jennwhisper said...

i vote for the primrose, or the mums, or, of course, the faux bois. speaking of which, my towels should be arriving today!