04 August, 2012

Playing Ketchup

Sometimes it seems like being a grown-up means being busy all the time. And as always, when life gets crazy, this blog gets neglected. For those of you who care to keep up with my shenanigans, I do post on Instagram from wherever I am (I'm deerseason87), but while I'm here, let's catch up. Since my last post about such things, I went to Istanbul, Rome, London and Los Angeles. I took a foraging class in the Oakland hills, went cherry picking, peach picking, and blueberry picking. I attended another Outstanding In the Field dinner at the incredible Knoll Farms in Brentwood, cooked by Leif Hedendal, stayed at the Madonna Inn, attended a cake party hosted by my friend Kelsey at the Whole Cake, went to two ballgames, a Big Freedia show, had a picnic, and I don't even know what else... I'll save my travels for another post; here are some images from the rest.

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