08 October, 2010

Garden Party!

A year ago, my backyard was a bit of a wasteland. Weeds had taken over the lawn, and any plants without very deep roots had withered. And then I met my friend Christine, who helped me tranform it into a wonderland! She finished landscaping in February and I've been enjoying the fruits (literally) of her labor ever since. Every beet I pull, every raspberry I pick, every bouquet of flowers I give to a friend seems like a treasure. I grew up with a beautiful garden that included dozens of fruit trees planted by my green-thumbed father, but I never seemed to catch the gardening bug. And now suddenly, I am finding myself kneeling in the dirt, planting broccoli and herbs, sprouting sweet potato slips and bean plants in my windowsill, feeling the urge to pop into the nursery every time I walk by. And as I know from my childhood, nothing tastes better than produce you've grown yourself. The tomatoes, beets, carrots, lettuces, herbs, raspberries, persimmons, lemons, walnuts, wild strawberries and flowers I've grown this summer have been amazing, and I've snapped a lot of pictures of them, so I thought I'd share some here. Enjoy!


Watkins35 said...

your garden looks gorgeous, and it's so much nicer to grow your own. Our garden is too small for a proper veg patch, but we have fruit trees & grow what we can in pots. x

Christine said...

I can't stop smiling, I am soo happy you've embraced gardening! The garden transformed to such a wondrous space- I always enjoy coming by, snacking on little strawberries and wandering an aromatic route through the thyme, chamomile and mint!