22 June, 2010

Hotel Aire de Bardenas

Another amazing place we stayed was the Hotel Aire de Bardenas, outside of Tuleda, in Navarra. Set in the middle of farmland, under hills crowned with stately wind turbines, the buildings (which include a number of private "cabins") are strikingly modern. There's a beautiful vegetable garden next to the swimming pool (the restaurant uses the produce), and a row of cherry trees leading up to the front entrance. We were lucky enough to be there during cherry season, and it was wonderful to sample all the varieties as we walked in! We thought the hotel was tranquil and elegant, and I would love to spend a few days there, soaking up some sun by the pool (which had a little frog swimming in it when we were there!), eating incredible meals, and lolling around in the big, comfy beds.

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