31 May, 2010

Up Next...

In a week I am leaving town again for a real vacation, and I am beyond excited! My friend Laurel is attending a neuroscience conference in Barcelona and she invited me to tag along. We'll be in Barcelona for a few days, and then we are renting a car to drive West to San Sebastian, up through the Pyranees into France, through Bordeaux and Cognac, ending up in Paris for a couple of days, followed by a quick jaunt to London, from whence we will fly home. It's been many years since Laurel and I were in Europe together (we rented an apartment in London the summer after we graduated from high school), or took a road trip together (I helped her move from New York to Los Angeles about five years ago), and I think it's going to be really fun to spend some quality girl time with one of my oldest friends. Also: FOOD. We plan on loading up on tapas/pinxtos in Barcelona, going cheese tasting in the Basque Country, Cognac tasting in Cognac, visiting Aran Goyoaga's family's bakery on the Spanish coast, and revisiting all our favorite haunts in Paris and London.

The other thing I am excited about is some of the places we are staying along the way! We somehow managed to get really good deals at some really amazing hotels, like Le Logis de Puygaty in Charentes (top, and above), and these:

the Hotel Aire de Bardenas in Navarra

Hotel Arguibel in Guetthary

The St. James Club in London


Olive-Route said...

sounds amazing! you should try to connect with anjel and connal--they'll be in france for most of june. have a great trip! xoxo, v

stephanie said...

i love that you & your friend have "haunts" in paris. so cool.