23 May, 2010

Home from Camp

Hello, world! Before I left for New York there was a minor disaster involving my internet and I have been unable to get online, much less blog, for weeks. The problem now appears to be rectified, and I am excited to share some of my photos from the Stationery Show and visit to the Big Apple.

This year was enormously fun because the atmosphere of the show felt more relaxed than in previous years (though this might have just been projection on my part). It was great to see old and new friends at Two Trick Pony, Enormous Champion, Susy Jack, Hello! Lucky, Egg Press, Hammerpress, Paper Stories, Ladies of Letterpress, Amh, Blue Barnhouse, Kamal, Night Owl Papergoods, Gold Teeth, Sycamore Street, Pearl Marmalade, Albertine Press, The Great Lakes, Old School Stationers, Yellow Owl Workshop, Eieio, Ilee, Twig & Fig, Greenwich Letterpress, Rifle, and Pancake & Franks. Because my camera malfunctioned, I wasn't able to get pictures of anyone's booths, but you can see some of them on the Enormous Champion blog, here.

It was also really fun to spend some time socializing with our camp buddies outside of the show, like Laurie and Carrie from Two Trick Pony, Carina from Crow and Canary, and Shauna and Kelly from Hello! Lucky. More about that in the next post!

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