19 April, 2010


No travelling this weekend, but I had lots of fun- so much fun in fact, that I hardly took any photos. On Friday night, I met up with my friend Jessica at her workplace, where we talked about the tropical vacation we are planning for the winter. We walked from there to Electric Works to see the current show and eat grilled cheese sandwiches from the Toasty Melts cart. Afterwards we walked over to the Forage SF Underground Farmer's Market, but the line of hipsters waiting to get in was prohibitively long, so instead we went to Bloodhound for a drink. On our way back to our cars, we passed the Chez Spencer truck and had to stop for some potato gratin, escargot lollipops and warm chocolate pudding. French food out of a taco truck... yum! Then we went to see Date Night, which was hilarious! If you love screwball comedies, and adventure comedies (think The Out of Towners, or The Golden Child), then you should see Date Night. I haven't laughed that much at a movie in a long time.

On Saturday I spent the day catching up on some work and personal things, and in the afternoon, Erik made us a tasty snack of white beans and beet greens to eat while we watched Glee! (we are catching him up on the first season). In the evening, we met up with my friend Marina to check out the opening of the new Compound gallery in Oakland, where my friend Kelsey has a studio. After that, we had a quick dinner at Burma Superstar (I could live on their coconut rice) before heading over to Studio Quercus to see my friend Ajax's band, Thunderbleed AKA Blind Vengeance play an awesome show. It was fun to see lots of friends there and to have a proper Oakland night out.

Sunday Erik and I watched more Glee! and prepared for the Ayurvedic cleanse we are doing this week. Well, really Erik prepared- he is the dal-making expert in our household. Meanwhile, I made some sorbet (above) from the Logan and Olallieberries I picked last summer. Then I took a lovely walk at Point Isabel with Seymour and soaked up some sun, before going over to my parents' house to have dinner with my mom and pick artichokes from my dad's garden. Aren't they beautiful? The ones in my garden are going to be ready soon, too.


jennwhisper said...

your sorbet looks AMAZING! in all caps. what an awesome home weekend!

Christine said...

What, pray tell is an escargot lollipop? Sweet or savory? I'm so curious!
Those artichokes are gorgeous!