23 October, 2008

Seattle Antiques

While I was in Seattle, my friends Shawn and Chris took me to some of their favorite antique shops. Anytime I go someplace else, I am always a little sad about the state of antiquing in the Bay Area. Anywhere else you go, you can find vast antique malls and little shops, all full of well-priced collectibles, but here all the good stuff is concentrated in just a few overpriced stores, and the only chance for treasure-hunting is but once a month at Alameda Point. When I lived in Providence, I could say "I need a lamp" or "I need some bakelite flatware" and run around to the shops and find exactly what I wanted. But here, I have to wait for the Point, and then the competition is so fierce that it's really impossible to have anything particular in mind. Don't get me wrong- I love the Point- but I don't think I would spend nearly as much time on Ebay if we had a couple of antique malls nearby. Anyways, here are some of the exciting things I spotted in Seattle. I opted not to buy those gorgeous Ben Seibel bookends because they were so heavy to carry home, but I am kicking myself now. I've seen them on Hi+Lo Modern for more than 4 times the price!

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jennwhisper said...

those bookends are beautiful! also OMG i WANT THAT TYPEWRITER!