02 April, 2008

Bath Time

Alright, it is really, really hard to get good pictures of my bathroom because it is TINY- there is literally less than two feet of floor space between the sink and tub- and the lighting is terrible, since I have a huge bottlebrush tree outside the window (which is great for privacy). So, by perching on the furthest corner of the bathtub, and using my flash, I was able to get these pictures. I wish the quality was better, but at least it gives you an idea of what I've done with the room. For those of you who weren't around for the remodel, all the tile is new. Click here for before/after pics.

The framed document is the original building permit for the house, from 1942! I found it in the circuit box when I moved in, and had it professionally conserved and backed with acid-free paper by Karen Zukor. I bought the medicine cabinet at Urban Ore in Berkeley, and the glass shelves are from Pottery Barn. In front of the picture of Claudette Colbert are my collections of found marbles and sea glass.


Leah said...

So pretty!

Laura said...

I love your bathroom - the colors are beautiful!

mo mo mar mar said...

your bathroom turned out beautifully! i love the tiles and your little touches...you know seaglass is the way to my heart.