29 March, 2008

Dinner is Served

I have been collecting vintage cookbooks for years, keeping them carefully organized by subject matter ("Man-Pleasers," "Bananas," "Outdoor Entertaining," etc.), but I have never actually made any of the lurid recipes within them. Then last month, my friend Jenn discovered this Flickr pool, dedicated to producing "Mid Century Suppers," and we decided we should give it a go. Here are some pictures of the meal we served. The diptychs show the photo from the original cookbook on the left, with our version on the right. I was especially excited to finally make the "Meatloaf Train," which has always been one of my most prized recipes. I should note that the cake was decorated by a very capable 10-year old. We also served cheese fondue with the canapes, but I didn't get a good pic.

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Anonymous said...

Those penguin eggs look awesome! (As does everything else...)