24 January, 2008

Pillows I Wish...

Here are some more pillows that I love but that wouldn't fit in our living room...

From George Ryan, I love this horse pillow! I might have to buy it, even if it doesn't match...

Zebra pillow from Branching Out

Recycled sail pillow from Reiter 8

Cottage pillow from Olive Handmade

Leaf pillow from The Calaka Co.

Felted pillow from Papaver Vert

Hound dog from Karen Hilton

The entire "Misregistered" collection from John Robshaw

Hable Construction's lemon bead pillow at Weego Home

Another Judy Ross pillow from Weego

Some starfish from Hable Construction

Thomas Paul elephant from Pillows and Throws

"Large Pots" by Jonathan Adler, also from Pillows and Throws

Silk embroidered and crewel work pillows by Koko Co., also from Pillows and Throws

Indian appliqued pillow from Lotus by Loa

Alphabet Pillow from Room and Board

1 comment:

jennwhisper said...

how about we make you pillows. i suggest a pillow making party.