12 November, 2007

Gettin' It Done

We had very a productive weekend. I fixed the extending leaf on our coffee table.

And I finally reupholstered the dining room chairs with my Thomas O'Brien for Target sheets! I think they came out nicely, but I'm still looking for the perfect red fabric.

We went to see Witchcraft on Saturday night, and I made Guinness and Dr. Pepper cupcakes (recipes on my food blog) with friends. We bought a chest freezer for the garage, to hold all the produce I put up this summer. We started getting the kitchen organized (as much as possible until it gets painted).

And then we went to see "Wristcutters," which was really cute. I definitely recommend it. Hurray for crossing things off lists!

1 comment:

jennwhisper said...

your chairs look GREAT! i really want to learn to reapolster furniture! also your dishware makes my eyes roll to the back of my head in delight.