04 June, 2012


For some reason every year it is weirdly difficult to write about the Stationery Show. I always take pictures at the show with the intention of posting them, but they are just snapshots of things that I like, and I feel like a lot of other bloggers do a much better job at capturing the gems of the show than I do. I often feel self-conscious asking exhibitors if I can take photos, even though I myself never have a problem with it when someone asks me. I also feel like there's a bit of pressure- do I only feature my friends, and if so, what if I miss someone? This year, one of my favorite new booths was Pawling, but I didn't get any pictures of them. It was an interesting show for me this year, since I wasn't exhibiting and neither were a number of my friends. I loved seeing how much color there was, and how many people are doing letterpress involving large fields of ink like I do.

In any case, without any further commentary, here's what I snapped this year.

left field cards


beau ideal editions

gold teeth brooklyn

swag bags at azuline

linda & harriet

printerette press

anemone letterpress

the social type

one canoe two

wild horse press


belle & union

the great lakes

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