08 April, 2011

Life vs. Blog

Hello again- it looks like life has once more taken priority over blogging, which is a shame because there is so much to talk about! This is a picture from my friends Via and Kelsey's cake party last night. Via (who I used to share a studio with) makes beautiful wedding invitations, and Kelsey (who I went to RISD with) makes amazing wedding cakes, so they threw a soiree to promote both, which was brilliant. This was my favorite of Kelsey's cakes on display, and let me tell you- her Earl Grey cake is SO GOOD. Yum!

I am heading up to Healdsburg for a much-needed weekend of relaxation, and it doesn't look like life and work will slow down when I get back, but I do hope to be able to update you more often, and post some of the many, many Pretty Things I've been bookmarking these last couple of months.

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Olive-Route said...

thanks for coming hannah! and miles too :) wish we got to hang out more. hopefully soon! xoxo