10 February, 2010

From Afield: San Leandro

Yesterday my friend Marina and I drove around and took pictures. I used to do this all the time: just cruise around some unfamiliar neighborhood and snap photos of things that caught my eye. It's been a long time since I was able to convince anyone to go with me, though, and it was definitely fun to have a cohort. Here are a few from our jaunt into San Leandro. Sorry if these are a little heavy on sky- it's been so rainy here lately that the blue was irresistible. (Also, I'm short so my perspective is almost always upwards.)


jennwhisper said...

these are AWESOME!! San Leandro has never looked so lovely!

Hello. Welcome to Ink-Dwell. said...

yeah dude. makes me want to go to san leandro. :)

gwen said...

followed through based on your magnificent link to the film stills from the design is mine blog...nice blog and awesome set of photos here.

If you are looking for some more photowalking opportunities, I am organizing a meetup for the Oakland flickr group on the 28th

deerseason87 said...

Thanks! I am all booked up that weekend, but I hope you guys have fun!