01 January, 2010


I can't believe 2009 is already over. I did a good job of keeping my resolutions (except learning to make cheese... maybe this year I will finally take a trip to Massachusetts to learn from this lady). I still didn't read as much as I'd like, but I did manage to get through some good books. I definitely went to more shows, saw more art, spent more time with friends, and said "yes" much more than "no" to the opportunities that came my way. I also kept my house more tidy (although I must admit that it will never be spotless), started cooking more for myself, and kept my list of things that make me happy, which I think has made me more appreciative of how wonderful my life is. I also managed to leave the country (something I hadn't done in years), and lose 20 pounds. This year I want to stick to a lot of my previous resolutions, with maybe a couple of changes. Here goes:

1. Travel more. I was lucky enough to travel quite a bit with my family when I was a kid, and spent some time abroad in college, but as an adult it can feel a lot harder to get away. My trip to Paris in October was a nice reminder that I can get away, and of how much I love it. This year I intend to go abroad again and take more trips to visit my friends around the country.

2. Read more. I think my life is too busy to read 3 books a month anymore, but one per month is a good place to start.

3. Go to more shows. I really enjoyed getting back into the music scene last year. I may have gotten too old for noise shows in warehouses filled with hipsters under 25, but it's still fun to go out and support my friends' bands, and see old favorites.

4. See more art. Ok, I did a terrible job of going to the Art Murmur regularly last year. I would really like to try and go every month.

5. Keep a list of things that make me happy. Keeping this list has really been great. It's so nice to sit down at the end of the day and think about the things that made me smile. Even if it feels like a bad day, there is always something that reminds me how lucky I am. And on the very worst days, it's wonderful to look back through the days and count my blessings.

6. Keep my house tidy. This is always the hardest thing for me, but I am resolved to do it. Having a clean house makes me feel better about everything.

7. Take a class in cheesemaking, breadmaking, food styling or something.

8. Spend lots of time with friends. Almost nothing makes me happier.

9. Continue to say "yes" to life. I want to continue to take advantage of all the great places and events that the Bay Area has to offer. This includes historical walks, a visit to the Luther Burbank home, planetarium shows, attending a soil tasting, guided foraging, film festivals, going to the races, seasonal fruit picking (I can't miss blueberry season again this year!), trying new restaurants, whale watching, etc., etc..

10. Lose another 25 pounds. Somehow in the last 10 years I gained much more weight than I ever realized. I have already dropped two clothing sizes, which is very exciting. I want to be able to wear all my fabulous vintage clothes again, and weigh what my driver's license says I do.

11. Cook for myself. It's easy to get lazy when there's nobody else to cook for, but I always feel good about myself when I make a meal.

12. Be the best friend, daughter, dog-owner, and business woman I can be. I am very lucky to have great friends, a great family, a loving, furry, companion, and to be doing what I want with my career and I don't want anyone to ever think I take any of it for granted.

Happy New Year!!


jennwhisper said...

Hooray for your old and new resolutions!! I think this will be a good year!

stephanie said...

happy new year hannah! way to go on your resolutions from last year!

off topic question - is your letterpress work your full time job?

Amanda said...

Happy New Year! The list is a great idea-thanks for sharing your resolutions!