24 June, 2009

Why, Jello!

You may remember that I've been collecting Jell-O cookbooks since I found a copy of "The Joys of Jello" at my grandmother's house when I was sixteen. Although I've never been a big fan of gelatin as an edible, it's brilliant colors and shine have inspired me for years. In fact, my very first greeting card designs were a series of gelatin desserts (below).

I have cookbooks from a variety of gelatin companies, but the Jell-O brand books are my favorites. Because the Jell-O company produced so many promotional cookbooks over the years, it is surprisingly difficult to collect them all, but I am lucky enough to have ones spanning most of the 20th Century. Here are a few covers from my collection. I will post some lovely and lurid interior photos tomorrow.


freshpinkstyle said...

I'm love with the cover of "The Proof of Pudding", the font and colors with the swirly pudding! So good.

lintmag said...

Love the needlepoint jello - very Wayne Thiebaud! Of course you've probably seen this fabulous jello art:
I recently made my favorite jello with fruit and sour cream layer thingie - I don't even tell my friends about this stuff as they would probably think it so bad-retro, but it's great!