11 March, 2009

Doing Stuff, I Is

The big reason I haven't been posting to this blog so much lately is that I've been busy doing things.

I have been to a few shows (Litany for the Whale, Thunderbleed AKA Blind Vengeance w/ Total BS, Fucked Up, Music Tapes, Andrew Bird, AC Newman).

I went to a bunch of events during SF Sketchfest (a screening of "Better Off Dead" with Q&A with Savage Steve Holland, the Stella live show, a screening of "Wet Hot American Summer" with most of the cast in attendance).

I've been to a few art events besides the Art Murmur (my friend Jane's show at Water, a show my friend Jessica hosted at Untitled Gallery, a couple of exhibits at Park Life, the annual Monster Drawing Rally, where my friend Marina was drawing, and where I was lucky enough to buy a piece by Carson Murdach).

I've hosted a few dinner parties and attended a few more.

I've been to the White Elephant Sale and Alameda Point, as usual.

I've helped friends print and worked on my new collection of designs.

I went to Chicago to visit my friend Piper. Highlights include: Ribs N Bibs, Hot Doug's, Table 52, and Trader Vic's.

I've had my wisdom teeth pulled.

I saw "Fired Up!," "The Wrestler," and "Doubt."

I've entertained out-of-town guests and drank too many tiki drinks.

I've hired a new sales rep (in the Northwest) and lost an old one (East Bay).

I've gone bowling, played shuffleboard, and numerous rounds of Boggle and Scrabble.

I saw the SF premier of "Handmade Nation".

...just to name a few. If you want to keep better tabs on me, please check out my daily updates at my other blog.

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lisa solomon said...

busy lady.
hope the wisdom teeth thing went OK